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ALVA Skates Skateboard Team

In1988, at the height of '80s glam, Alva skateboards ran a black-and-white team photo in the various magazines circulating at the time. The photo, shot by Steve Gross in the depths of an unusually cold Chicago winter, would immediately become one of the most iconographic images in skateboarding's short history.

The stark contrast between the group of individuals depicted in the Gross photo and the candy-coated neon norm at the time left most skateboarders either scared shitless or running to buy an Alva board. Ironically, as is often the case with idealism and imagery, the Chicago '88 photo would be the only time, both before and after the photo, that the entire team was in the same place at the same time.

Beyond the roughneck façade of leather jackets, dreadlocks, and cans
of Budweiser, existed 12 independent individuals- each with his own story, each
with his own path.

by Mackenzie Eisenhour
Skateboarder Magazine, August 2002


Photo: S.S. Gross

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